The World's First Glowstick in a Spray Can!
by Photonix, Inc.
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Photonix, Inc. introduces GlowSpray, the world's first glow stick in an aerosol spray. GlowSpray is liquid light in a can that glows instantly, needs no charging from the sun, requires no electricity, is re-usable and lasts for hours. It's as bright as a glowstick!

GlowSpray is great for Outdoor Decorative Lighting. Let your imagination be your guide with our custom re-usable luminaries. Give your outdoor space that extra glow and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. GlowSpray is also great for Halloween, Night-time Jogging and Camping, You can even make your own glowsticks!

Photonix, Inc., founded in 2008 by Harris Miller, is a world leader in chemical light research. Our products provide consumers with environmentally safe alternatives to glowsticks. Our office is conveniently located in the Boston Metropolitan area.

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